Forget Or Forgot, The Old Dragon Cares Not!


Another fabulous forest friend favorite.

Has our Old Dragon forgotten her ferociousness or perhaps been wandering through the weeds?

Whatever it is, Forget Or Forgot, The Old Dragon cares Not!  Chilling and sitting with a somewhat confused expression!

With the characters you meet in this forest a confused expression is possibly to be expected.

Although probably best to keep moving before Mumma get the munchies!


The Old Dragon and Forest Friends Notebooks are a set of 6 limited edition designer covers by Repartee.

We take pride in designing, what we think are, the most amazing notebook and journal covers. We reckon these “Far To Friendly Forest Friends” are living proof of that!


Forget Or Forgot – The Old Dragon Cares Not!


While initially the covers may be viewed as “for the Kids”, we reckon once you have had some time to read and review the details you’ll love the seriously wicked celebration of humor as well as the designs, colors and graphics of the journals and notebooks.

Designed to appeal to all those who see the humor in situations and the wit in wordplay.

And they are not just a pretty cover picture, internally these notebooks are packed with modern page styles on high quality paper.  The serious insides are printed, published and bound within the beautifully designer covers.

Fantastic journals and notebooks for those who demand high quality as well as wicked style and, who of course, have excellent taste!

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Additional information

Weight8.3 oz
Dimensions6 × 0.3 × 9 in
Cover Art

The Old Dragons Notebook, What Wizards Wear, Duck It, Looking For Me?, Not Just Any Old Fairy, Forgetful Dragon


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